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All About Accessories!

November 29 2016

How to add that extra chic tweak to your classic casuals

Classic casual beauty is the timeless style that almost defines Australian female fashion. We know how to keep it seriously simple with an always fabulous effect. We can pair divinely soft and flowing charmeuse skirts with crisp yet simple t-shirts and be ready for anything. The secret to keeping a casual wardrobe that can take you anywhere is an eclectic use of accessories. Collar skimping necklaces, shoulder-dusting earrings, graphic content clutches, and all tied up shoes are just some of the accessories wowing us with their ability to redefine a look. These chic tweaks are taking the Australian casual look to new heights.

1. Blank Canvas Casuals
Some items lend themselves more to accessories than others and they are usually blank canvas bloc colours in a range of fits and fabrics. We love to accessorise a simple block colour T. Highly recommended by us, is the t-shirt range from Gordon Smith. They are super comfortable (100% cotton), with the scoop neckline and the ¾ length sleeve working to reveal the perfect amount skin for adorning with a little extra colour or sparkle. We also love flowing ¾ length skirts like the range from Hammock and Vine. The charmeuse fabric is silky smooth and comes with a natural crush affect that flows outwards in a summer breeze. Perfect for a figure defining belt or must-be-seen-in tie up shoes that are so on trend right now. Of course, the LBD and its LWD counterpart are also thoroughly accessory friendly with almost unlimited options. In fact, most block colour dresses provide the perfect canvas for creativity with accessories. Again, it is Gordon Smith that has an excellent range of dresses with different necklines, sleeve lengths and fits to choose from.

2. It’s all about the Neck
Necklaces provide many beautiful options. Bold statement pieces can add depth and glamour while a barely there sparkle can add just a tweak of chic. Here we’ve done all the hard work for you and chosen three ways to spice up your look with a variety of necklaces.

First up, is the collar skimping necklace. Find a necklace at least an inch thick. Sparkly necklaces are glamorous, or for a more artsy look try a bright aquamarine or even a mix of pop colours. You want the necklace to be structured so that it completely covers and redefines the neckline of your t-shirt.

 Secondly, we’ve got the undercover look. The same collar-skimping necklace can be used except this time you wear it under a shirt with the top button or two left open to reveal a glimpse of the necklace. We love a sparkly necklace under a denim shirt, and we think this looks great with a bold coloured lipstick.

 Finally, a new trend is the thin or barely there long necklace. These look beautiful layered over your LBD or LWB for a delicate addition to a classic style. We love to layer gold, but it also works with silver or tiny glass beads.

3. Get yourself some Shoulder Dusters
If you didn’t know this already, shoulder dusters are the new statement earrings that add an element of the unexpected to your basics. You can opt for delicate golds and silvers that slide from the ear to the shoulder for a special evening out. For a more updated day look, opt for thicker earrings that draws from one of the colours in your outfit. The trick with shoulder dusters is to choose a pair that are not too heavy as these will likely hurt your ears and within a few hours you’ll want to take them out. For this reason, shoulder dusters made of feathers, tassels or lace are always a wise choice. Pair them with basics that are cut close to the body. Collared shirts tend to interfere with the elegant flow the earrings are designed to create. The most important aspect of shoulder dusters is to have fun and experiment!

 4. Graphic Content 

We love the new graphic content accessories that are out and about right now. The architectural angles and bold statement colours instantly add a pop of fun and creativity to a basic look. We love stripes, but they really only scratch the surface of what’s available now. Towering triangles, funky cheques and kaleidoscope patterns in black and white or multi coloured really get our hearts racing. Try pairing a geometric print bag or scarf with an LBD or LWD. Other ways of incorporating the trend include thick-strapped watches, shoes and on a rainy day, even your umbrella! For an ultra chic look match pure black and white prints with black and white basics, or for a more upbeat fun ensemble stick with the black and white basics but choose some colourful graphic content.

5. Outfits that are all tied up

We mean tied up in the very literal sense! The latest summer shoes are adorned with laces that tie as high as you’ll dare and they don’t have to be uncomfortably high. Even ballerina flats are coming complete with thick ribbon tie-ups that can look great under a flowing skirt. If you like a slight heel your options for tie-ups multiply even further. A thin tie up is sexier and more refined while a thick tie up maintains a more causal vibe. We like to wrap the tie around the ankle and pair with above the ankle pants or very casual denims. For a more daring look wrap the tie as high up the leg as it will go and pair with a long skirt. That way your look remains understated and classic even though this is probably the raciest accessory we are experimenting with right now. There are a few clutch bags featuring tie-ups, but these are harder to find. We also like bangles featuring tie-ups for an all out tied up look!


If you love basics that are perfect for accessorising then you will love the range at Rodney Clark. We have all the best modern options from a collection of exciting and comprehensive Australian brands including all the brands featured in this article.