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Are you wearing the right colour for your complexion?

November 24 2016

Here are some hot tips to get you dressing in the right hue.

If you longingly sigh over images of Julianne Moore in regal purples, chic cerise, and emerald greens because your own wardrobe is an expanse of blacks, greys, whites and neutrals then keep reading. What is it about American muses that they are so fearless in the face of colour while across the Atlantic, their counterparts are seen far more often in demure, stay safe monochromes? Don’t get us wrong we love chic blacks, whites and creams, but we also think women look devastatingly elegant in full colour ensembles. Not convinced? Just look at Julianne, but what’s her secret? She dresses in colours that complement rather than compete with her complexion and so can you. Finding the right colour for your skin tone isn’t always easy. There are no hard and fast rules. This is fashion’s most intuitive avenue, so to help you avoid any black alleys check out our no fuss guide on determining your skin tone and dressing in a complementary hue.

Cool Skin Tones

If you have cool skin tones, your celebrity skin tone doppelgangers are Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Juliane Moore. Don’t think about their different hair colours think about their skin. All three share the same blue, pink and green undertones. It would be easy to confuse cool skin tones with anyone pale, but this would be false. Skin tone does not describe how light or dark skin is. It describes the colour that comes through from underneath the surface, which is why Viola Davis is also in the cool skin tone category. Cool skin tones look fantastic in emerald greens, royal blues, cherry reds, and just about any shade of purple. Monochrome colours for cool girls to depend on are whites, navy, and darker greys. Colours to avoid are Autumn shades such as burnt orange as well as highlighted hues such as neons or electrics.

Warm Skin Tones

If you have a warm skin tone, your celebrity doppelgangers are Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson. Your skin has a more golden undertone that can seem green and yellow. Go to neutrals for warmer toned women are creamier and less crisp than those in the cool family. Lattes and taupes are neutrals that make you radiant. Sunset blends of orange, red, gold, and amber also make you glow. You are not from the emerald city so edge towards deeper shades of blue and green like dark moss from the forest, and fern needles from a Christmas tree. Colours to avoid or keep as an accessory only are colours with no depth. An example of depthless colour is anything near transparent like a seriously pastel pink or the iciest of blues.


Neutral Skin Tones 

If you have a neutral skin tone, your celebrity skin tone doppelgangers are Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore. Their undertones are not as clearly distinguished as their cool or warm toned sisters. If you can’t decide which of the other two you belong with, then chances are you have a neutral skin tone. Neutral skin tones often have hazel eyes because their eye colour will appear darker of lighter depending on the colour being warn or even the colour of the room they are standing in. Colours that make neutral skin tones glisten are the in between shades. Ones that refuse to conform to one primary colour. Is the dress pink or coral or peach? Is the shirt lemon or jade or pastel? Who could really say? Colours that don’t look well on neutral skin tones are colours that are too blockish and bold. You don’t want any overly bright loud hues as these will detract from rather than enhance your natural beauty. Neutrals for neutral women are vanilla creams, weak lattes and ocean greys.

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