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Is it time to reset your wardrobe? There's only one way to find out

December 23 2016

Your wardrobe should be one of your best friends, but very often it’s more of a love-hate relationship. Occasionally, we surprise ourselves. However, more often than not our imagined ensemble is nowhere to be found, yet our wardrobes are bursting at the seams. We’ve all asked ourselves how can I have so many clothes and nothing to wear. So let’s go on a tour of your collections, throw out any access fashion baggage and make you and your closet the closest of allies with these handy wardrobe reset tips.

Ask Yourself

Anuschka Rees, author of The Curated Closet, suggests asking yourself the following question: If someone grabbed a random piece from your wardrobe, how likely would it be that the piece was well loved and regularly worn? If there is a less than 75% chance of the answer being positive then your wardrobe is over burdened, and it’s probably cramping your style. However, before you get the urge to purge you need to ask a second question: Can you describe your personal style in one sentence or even one word? Anuschka describes herself as "minimalist”. Perhaps "timeless” is the word for red carpet veteran Susan Sarandon, whereas Michele Pfeiffer might be "effortless glamour”. Ok that’s two words, but you get the idea. Conceptualizing your personal style statement allows you to make more informed decisions about what to throw out and what to buy next.

Eliminate the unworthy

Regardless of your style some items simply need to go. It goes without saying that anything stained, stretched, or threadbare should be banished. The same is true of clothing that doesn’t fit, which includes clothes that don’t flatter, or clothes that don’t feel comfortable. The notion that one must suffer for fashion is as out of date as shoulder-padded jackets. You wouldn’t want ‘uncomfortable’, ‘padded’ or ‘worn’ to be used in your personal style statement, so why put it in your wardrobe? Unburden yourself and your closet. Throw that stuff out.

Time to Try

set aside an afternoon to get up close and critical with your closet. This needs to happen after you’ve identified your personal style statement or word, and after you’ve purged the easily identified unworthy items. You need a full-length mirror, good light, fresh hair and light makeup (that won’t rub off onto clothes), so you feel your best while trying on. Dorrie Jacobson, retired model and make-up artist, and blogger of Senior Style Bible suggests the following rules. If it is dated, toss it. If it is figure flattering, keep it. If you love it, but can’t pair it with anything, keep it to one side and start a list so you can buy something to go with it later. Dorrie calls this creating a capsule wardrobe. It’s one that has space between the items, but all the items are well loved, flattering and can be worn in multiple ways.

Get Organized and Identify Gaps

Wardrobes can be organized in multiple ways, so find a way that works for you. Options include organizing by color, type or where and when to wear. This process will help you identify gaps. A great closet needs basics, key and statement pieces. Basics don’t mean boring. They’re your dependable pieces. Basics differ with style, but might include jeans, a white blouse, a black dress, simple Ts, a straight skirt, or a silk shirt. Key pieces add more personality to your style by better reflecting your individuality than the basics. They compliment most basics and suit your lifestyle. They might include a day to night full flowing skirt, a jacket made of fabric or in a color you won’t find in your basics. Statement pieces step up your individuality even further. These pieces won’t mix with everything, but they give you edge and the freedom to really express yourself through fashion. With your style and wardrobe gaps identified your ready to shop.

Time to Buy

When shopping, have your personal style statement with you, and have your list of ‘gaps’ to hand as well. This list is paramount for resetting your wardrobe. Online shopping is great for ‘gap filling’ because you shop from the comfort of home with your newly organized wardrobe close by for support. Take advantage of online wish lists. All items at can be added to a personal wish list for further scrutinizing before you purchase. Finally, take your time. Don’t shop when you have too tight a time frame. The pressure leads to shopping mistakes.

Happy re-setting ladies. We hope you enjoy unburdening your wardrobe, and developing your unique style with Rodney Clark.