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What denim cuts are right for you?

November 24 2016

Check out our denim fit guide.

There are few fabrics out there as versatile and classic as denim. No matter what decade represents your favourite fashion era, we know denim will have had its moment. It’s iconic and yet it’s always on trend, it’s comfortable and casual but not shy of dressing up, and it can even look good when torn. Denim is world famous for the classic jean pant, but it comes in shirts, skirts and dresses to suit all, and don’t even get us started on all the colours. Adding a touch of denim or dressing in it from head to toe can be a great look for all ages. The perfect pair of jeans with a soft denim shirt or jacket can be an effortless chic look. But with so much to choose from how do you know which cut is right for you? Don’t worry. We’ve paired denim down to the basics so you can look definitively divine in denim.

Denim Buying Basics
First up, don’t be concerned with following the latest denim trends. Denim is timeless, so it’s more important to find that one in a million pair of jeans that look and feel great whilst able to be paired with anything. After all, this is what the fashion goddess always intended for jeans. When trying on, always wear a simple black or white tee. If they look good with this you are onto a winner. Don’t try on while wearing anything too over-sized, as this will disguise bad denims as good ones. Don’t necessarily expect your jeans to glide on effortlessly. The best fitting jeans might require a little jump and wriggle to get them on. A good motto is: if it zips, it fits, but if it’s muffin, it’s bluffin! In other words, if the jeans give you a muffin top they are probably the wrong fit even if you can zip them up!

Slimming Effect
For a slimming effect opt for dark jeans with a high-rise waist. The waist should reach up to your belly button automatically hugging in any problem tummies. You want the jeans to have a bit of stretch to them for an added subtle hold-in effect. We love the Miracle Denim Slim Leg Jean by Gordon Smith ($120) because it does exactly what it promises: it slims!


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Hour Glass Goddess
If you’re more of an hourglass shape then try a bootleg cut like the New York Denim Jean by Gordon Smith ($119.95). The stretch waistband will give you more wriggle room for your seat as well as provide added comfort for waists that are slimmer than hips and thighs. There is nothing worse than a pair of jeans that are super tight in one area but too loose in another. The stretch waistband solves this problem for hourglass shapes.

Skinny Minnie
Most denim cuts look good on a straight frame. However, to really flatter we like a cut that goes straight across the middle. There is no need for an overly curved waistband. Slimmer, tighter fits are also advised. A slim fit, but not as slim as the skinny fit are best for more mature straight women. They fit close but are still comfortable unlike skinny jeans or jeggings which even slight twenty year olds need baby oil to get into! We like the New York Denim Pull on Jean also by Gordon Smith ($99.95) because the comfortable slim stretch fabric is made for straight women. They are also cut just above the ankle making them perfect for summer.



All Shapes and Sizes
Of course there are more ways to wear denim than the humble jean. Every shape and size, brunette or blonde looks good in a lightweight denim shirt. This can even be paired with jeans or other fabric pants and skirts, and you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match denims. Whites and blues, stonewashed and dark all go together very well. Why not even try something totally different like a light blue denim shirt with these pull on orange jeans by Threadz ($89.95).



We also love this classic white denim skirt by Gordon Smith ($129.95) with its beautiful button detailing on one side. The buttons make it right on trend and the double stretch fabric mean comfort isn’t compromised.



All the denims featured here and more are available at Rodney Clark. Rodney Clark specialises in modern chic clothing for the discerning Australian woman.